• Italy and Japan from the inside. Masumi from Tokyo area, Eleonora from Venice area will guide you to the essence of both of their worlds.
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The shop where creator’s works gather opens! At Shibuya PARCO PARCO is  famous fashion shopping building. like 109building. http://www.parco.co.jp/customer/ Now I join Creator event in PARCO! I think it is good when the place that creators announce increases more. It very costs money in Japan to exhibit. young creator in Japan is not good at sending. … Continue reading

Now japanese cute wedding style!

Hi,readers! Today, I introduce  “now japanese cute wedding style “(^^) The wedding of Japan has the kimono and Western clothes. Recently, the style to mix with not the hairstyle of a traditional kimono but the hairstyle of Western clothes becomes popular! I think this is very cute! and very suitable for a modern style. this is … Continue reading

Delicate vibrations. Alexander Daniloff’s art

All the images are under copyright of Alexander Daniloff. http://www.daniloff-art.it Hi readers, years ago I went to my favourite book shop and some  great paintings were litterally hanging on the wall, chubby characters captured my look!  There was a mix of delicate but vibrating colours that made any character outstand from the backgournd. I didn’t … Continue reading

What is “KAWAII”

Hi,readers! This time, I introduce some the fashion sites in Japan. You know There soooooooo many fashion site. 1. NHK (this is japanese state-sponsored media)  ” Kawaii-TV “ The program that takes up, and introduces a lovely thing of Japan.               http://www.nhk.or.jp/kawaii/english/index.html And, it fashionable towers in Tokyo 109!!! … Continue reading

Broth and Chicory risotto recipes from Italy

I love eating season’s vegetables and fruits so today I want to introduce you CHICORY RISOTTO recipe. It’s not so hard to do but it takes patience. Chicory is a typical vegetable of Veneto region, we have different kind named as the city that produce it: TREVISO, CHIOGGIA and VERONA. The one that suit best … Continue reading

Camomilla flagship store in Verona

Location: Camomilla store Piazza delle Erbe,  via Mazzini 2,  Verona.  tel. +39-045597174                     If  Shakespeare’s Juliet was real and  still alive would surely be a customer of Camomilla store. Infact really close to Giulietta and Romeo house in Verona, in the most touristic area of this wonderful city, … Continue reading

A department store for Kids – Bimbo store.

Bimbo Store Open mon. 15:00- 19:30 tue. -sun.  9:30 – 13:00 afternoon 15:30-19:30 search on http://www.bimbo-store.it the location closest to you. Everything for kids and moms 0 months to 7 years. Hi readers today I’m going to introduce you a famous northern italian department store “Bimbo store”. I think it would be useful for a pregnant traveler or … Continue reading

Let’s meet before dinner!

Hi readers, today I want to introduce you a very popular Italian lifestyle commonly known as APERITIVO. Aperitivo  is a meeting between people before dinner, it has place in cafè/bars. People use to order light alcoholic drinks and eat appetizers, usually those appetizers are so tasty that you can go home and not having a dinner … Continue reading

Learning Japanese

Hi readers, it’s been a long time i was thinking about studying Japanese,  I haven’t enough time to attend to University (here in italy japanese is teached just in Venice and Naples) as I have a family to take care of. So I was looking to private schools where you can learn just the language according … Continue reading

This is Japanese Denim pants!!!!

Do you know about Japanese anime ” Dragonball “?? This time, It is an introduction of the denim series made from the concept “The hero of the animated cartoon of Japan puts on denim”!! I think this consept is really cooool(^^)   Isn’t it?? denim,pants,Jeans,japanese,anime,manga Everything is made in Okayama in Japan. Okayama Prefecture does that … Continue reading